WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WAVY) – Dozens of people marched around the Williamsburg-James City County General District Courthouse Sunday to advocate for abortion rights and freedom of choice.

For people in attendance, it was an upsetting anniversary of the now-overturned Roe v. Wade decision.

“We are out here to protect women. We are out here to say it’s our choice. It’s our bodies. I am not telling anybody else what to do. If you don’t want an abortion, please don’t have an abortion, but if someone has an abortion, it’s their right to do so,” Heather Allen, Williamsburg JCC Indivisible founding member, said.

Right now, there is no federal constitutional right to an abortion. In Virginia, abortions are still allowed through the second trimester of pregnancy, however, Gov. Youngkin is seeking a ban on abortion after 15 weeks.

With the victory of Democrat Aaron Rouse, Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s abortion bill will likely be stopped in the State Senate. Virginia State Del. Mike Mullin made an appearance at the march and said things could change in November.

“That is something that is on our doorsteps. That is something that I and 139 of my other colleagues have to vote on. That is something up for debate. That is up for a vote in the Commonwealth of Virginia…  votes are being taken on a women’s fundamental right to make her healthcare decision,” he said. “We need to put people on the ballot up and down. The area that the Commonwealth hasn’t seen them.”

In Washington D.C., March for Life activists celebrated the overturning of the Roe V. Wade decision this past week by holding marches of their own.

This November, Virginians will cast their ballots for the Virginia House and Senate. Depending on the outcome, Virginia’s abortion laws could change.