HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) – With TSA and travel experts gearing up for a busy holiday season, we spoke to AAA about what to expect when traveling for the holidays.

AAA has noticed that Thanksgiving travel is projected to be almost at pre-pandemic levels finally. We are almost at 2019 and surpassing it,” said Holly Dalby, Tidewater AAA Public Affairs Director.

Dalby said in Virginia more people are traveling on the roads, and those planning on doing so should hit the roads before noon on Wednesday.

“1.4 million people travel 50 miles or more from home. And of those 1.4 million, 1.3 [million] are expected to be driving. So driving is still by far the biggest way people travel during the holiday,” she said.

The numbers mentioned above make up about 93% of Virginia holiday travelers driving to their destinations. Travel experts say they also expect to see an increase in air, cruise, and rail travel for the holiday.

“Air travel in Virginia is projected to be up 6% compared to last time,” Dalby said.

TSA reports that the three biggest days at the airport are Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after. Nationally, at least 2.5 million people are expected to travel on those days.

“You’re going to notice lines in the airport,” Dalby said. “So get there early.”

In addition, TSA wants travelers to know what is allowed in carry on’s and checked bags before arriving at the airport. Passengers should also bring a proper ID.

“For people driving, the best thing you can do in addition to leaving early is to run your vehicle through the garage and get a good look over to make sure everything is in working order,” she said.

Dalby said AAA is fully staffed with tow drivers to help assist members with travel issues. She said 30% of calls are usually for battery-related issues.

“AAA recommends people keep an emergency kit in their car. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Keep jumper cables and some very basic tools. A bottle of water and maybe a couple of snacks and a blanket that can be really helpful if you’re heading north,” Dalby said.