6:00 am

Wake up6:05 am – 6:30 am

Coffee! Watch the local news while I wake up. I usually like to take 5-10 min in there before breakfast to meditate and set my intention for the day. I usually write it down in my trusted journal.6:30 am

Make and eat breakfast (my favorite is my special breakfast bowl!)

Breakfast bowls consist of 3 eggs, fresh greens, variety of vegetables (cooked and raw), nuts and seeds.7:00 am

Today Show comes on! I catch as much of it as I can while eating, packing up for the day, etc.7:30 am

Jump in the car and head to the rink.7:55 am

Arrive at the rink for skate at 8:30 am.8:30 am – 10:00 am

On ice work with local national team teammates. About ten of us live in the Boston area.10:30 am – 11:30 am

Refuel, respond to emails, grab a coffee, and drive from rink to gym.Noon – 3:00 pm

Off-ice training session at Institute of Performance and Fitness.3:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Depending on traffic, I arrive back home and make a killer post-training-day meal. The rest of the night for me depends on the day.

On Monday I like to go to Boston Public Library and spend the night checking out new books and/or reading.

Mondays tend to be “electronic free” night in my house. No phones, TV, iPad, etc.

Other nights I have practice with my local pro team.

Most nights end in cooking and sitting down at the kitchen table to a nice homemade meal. I’m pretty “boring” and don’t go out to eat often but occasionally my friends will convince me.

My family lives about 45 min away from where I live, so I try to see them at least one day/night a week!9:30 pm

Bed time at the latest, unless we have a game, or a road trip that keeps me up.

Editor’s note: Here are just a few more example of some “boring days” in the life of Meghan Duggan.