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My intern check-list looms over my head as I get settled into my work routine. I have made it a point to try to get at least one thing done a week off that list. This week was spending some time in an editing bay to learn how a show gets put together. Before this internship, I didn’t realize just how much work went into creating that morning newscast I grew up watching. I figured that the script was written, the queues were aligned and action! Wrong. From the few hours that I spent in that edit bay, I learned that each bit of the show, down to the second, is planned out and done beforehand. The video footage that the anchors refer to and speak over need to be found, edited and inserted, the scripts need to be written and inserted into the show notes. Everything is planned, even the teases and commercial breaks. This shadowing experience has shown me that there’s more to a newscast then filming.

This week I’ve started working on my intern project. I will be revamping the weekly Weekend Planner for the HrScene website. This means going on to Aptivada, extracting the HTML code from the template and modifying it. I am extremely grateful for that coding class I took a few semesters ago because without it I would have been unable to undertake this project. Today was a bit of an exploratory look into what exactly I can do with the existing template. I may be able to transfer the original code into a program that I use on my own laptop called Brackets and bring that to the office to work on. Being able to see the changes that I make to the code in real-time will be extremely helpful. Taylor O’Bier, one of my supervisors has coached me on what she would like the new HrScene newsletter to look like so I have a general idea of what I’m creating. We are aiming for 8-10 story teases and some introductory text to draw the readers in. I am extremely excited to see what I can create for HrScene and will spend some time gathering creative ideas for the site’s newsletter.

Putting skills like this to use is exactly what I was hoping to do when I came to intern with WAVY. I knew that my web content and management background would come in handy and this project is the perfect way to do it. I’m looking forward to what comes next!

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