CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – The Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office gives 10 On Your Side a clearer picture of the chain of events that led to Wednesday’s shooting that left a homicide suspect dead and a deputy injured.

US Marshal Task Force Officer tried to pull over murder suspect Lamont Lewis late Wednesday morning. Lewis was charged with the murder of his wife on Christmas day and authorities say they have been looking for him for two weeks.

Chesapeake Sheriff Jim O’Sullivan tells 10 On Your Side a city can receive help from federal authorities at any time. In the Seven Cities, the US Marshal Task Force comprises different local law enforcement agencies and US Marshal Services.

“That task force here in the Hampton Roads area is essential to taking the worst people off the streets. You have the best people assigned from each jurisdiction. The best Marshals assigned for putting people and apprehending them,” O’Sullivan said. “If you combine the resources we have in the 757 together, we have all the intelligence to find these people and get them off the streets, so the communities are safer.”

Last year, the Task Force arrested 35 murder suspects.

“These people are not the ones who walk up, shake your hand and take them to jail without dispute. They are on the run. They may be accused of multiple homicides. They are the most dangerous people in the Hampton Roads area,” Sheriff O’Sullivan said.

In the intersection of Big Bethel Road and Todds Lane, Task Force Officers surrounded a silver vehicle with Lewis inside. O’Sullivan described the chain of events after Lewis’ car was surrounded.

“When they came up behind the vehicle, the other vehicles convened on it. They asked for the driver to exit the vehicle,” Sheriff O’Sullivan said. “She complied. She got out of the vehicle pretty quickly. They were attempting to get her to safety.” 

O’Sullivan said as the Task Force Officers were ushering the driver, Lewis scooted into the driver’s seat.

“He pops over into the driver’s side and exits out on the side where Investigator Chambers was where he had less cover,” Sheriff O’Sullivan said. “He exited the vehicle with two handguns and just start firing away. Investigator Chamber and the others there. They had to return fire. It was a very, very difficult situation.”

Lewis was struck by gunfire. Hampton Police Division said he died at a local hospital. Investigator Scott Chambers was hit under his collarbone and upper thigh. As an EMT, he quickly jumped into action and applied a tourniquet to himself.

“Typical Scott Chambers after he was hit and there was no danger from the suspect. He sat down immediately. He was bleeding profusely. He grabbed a tourniquet and put it around himself and started tightening it himself. He started directing other people how to make it tighter,” Sheriff O’Sullivan said.

Chambers is still listed in critical condition and is set to have another surgery Thursday.

“It’s a family member. We are all family, but Scott, I’ve known him a long time,” Sheriff O’Sullivan said. “Down in my heart. I knew he was a tough guy and he’d be okay.” 

Sheriff O’Sullivan said Investigator Chambers was working with the US Marshal Task Force and trained with them weekly, where they go over every scenario.

Chambers has experience as a SWAT commander and an Army Airborne Ranger. Chambers was also a firearm instructor.

O’Sullivan said the Task Force always picks the safest takedown location.

“Every situation is different. A house might not be the best place if there is other people in there… or they have babies and children in it,” Sheriff O’Sullivan said. “Generally, you try to isolate these individuals so there is no other collateral damage.” 

However, he says he does wish the situation could have ended differently.

“Very unfortunate situation because we wanted it to end peacefully,” he said. “If they are willing to get out with two firearms, firing away at law enforcement, who knows what they would do to someone else.”