NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Norfolk State basketball coach Robert Jones is spending his off-season working. After guiding his Spartans to back-to-back MEAC titles, Jones is leading a team in The Basketball Tournament with its eyes on a million-dollar prize.

The Basketball Tournament is a collection of 64 teams made up of former collegiate stars, many of whom play professionally.

Jones takes over a team called HBC-United. Its debut in the TBT last year resulted in a 36-point loss.

“I just thought that wasn’t a good representation of what HBCU basketball is,” Jones said. “I’m happy they called me in and try and change that a little bit.”

The first step to the million-dollar prize is a regional competition at historic Rucker Park in New York.

“Rucker Park is the pinnacle of basketball,” Jones said. “To be able to play there in the region for a million dollars and get a chance to win HBCU’s first game in this tournament…to make history at Rucker Park would be amazing.”