Deitra Tate

Deitra Tate

WAVY News 10 welcomed Meteorologist Deitra Tate to the Super Doppler 10 team in September 2015.

Tate is no stranger to warm or cold climates. She worked for nine years at the NBC affiliate in Mobile, Alabama and more than a year at the FOX affiliate in Rapid City, South Dakota. Tate is a native of Chicago and says she brings vast knowledge of broadcasting from extreme climates across the country to the Super Doppler 10 Weather Center.

“Because Virginia has four seasons, including hurricanes as well as snow, I felt like this would be the perfect fit for me. Being from Chicago and having lived in Mobile for nearly a decade, I look forward to forecasting winter weather and hurricanes and all the various weather patterns in the Hampton Roads area.”

Tate said one of her most memorable moments happened on Christmas Day in 2012 when she was working at WPMI-TV15 in Mobile.  “It was a day when severe weather was expected, but we hoped it wouldn’t materialize,” said Tate. “The rare tornado went through the Mobile Metro area and I was on duty covering it every step of the way.  It was a bit unsettling knowing it passed through a heavily populated area, but we prepared people for it.”

Tate is a graduate of Northern Illinois University, DeKalb.  She holds a degree in Meteorology and minor in Journalism. In 2010 she became a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist.  She said she knew in elementary school that weather was something she loved.  Tate said she always enjoyed watching storms as a young girl and looking out the window at the changing skies.  Tate followed her heart and got her start in forecasting at KEVN FOX7 News in South Dakota. Tate said the weather was very different from Chicago, but it gave her a great opportunity to learn how to forecast in a mountainous region.

Tate said she enjoys visiting local classrooms and helping motivate children to find their calling.  “I’m excited to be part of a community where I can help kids figure out what their career passions are and maybe it’s meteorology,” said Tate. “I want them to know it’s okay to be smart, love math and science and do what you enjoy.”

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