VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Virginia Beach Sherriff’s deputies will be outfitted with shiny, new body-worn cameras for Something in the Water.

It’s part of the sheriff’s office plan to hold everyone accountable.

“There is no secret when the camera is on,” said Rocky Holcomb, Chief Deputy of the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office.

It’s a simple push of a button and the camera will record every sound and motion in front of it.

“It keeps the officer accountable, the deputy accountable, and the citizen accountable for their behavior and actions,” Holcomb said.

Deputies aren’t strangers to camera watching their every move.

“We historically work in the jail, and the jail has over 500 cameras, so we are used to working under the coverage of a camera,” Holcomb said.

He said they’ll now have that same coverage in public-facing roles.

This weekend they’ll work hand-in-hand with Virginia Beach Police officers.

“It is within our purview to go out and enforce the laws and be a force multiplier for the police department,” Holcomb said. “We aren’t afraid to do that, and we will keep the city safe.”

Don’t worry, deputies aren’t just there to enforce the law, but they also want “to help people out if they have any questions. We can point them in the right direction,” he said.

Something in the Water won’t be the only event in which deputies will wear their cameras. You’ll see them at the upcoming Beach It! Country Music Festival and Jackalope.

The roll-out of the cameras is set to take about six-to-eight months. At the end of that timeframe, every deputy will have a body-worn camera.

“We understand this is a very important piece of equipment in law enforcement,” Holcomb said.

He had some last-minute safety advice for concertgoers. Holdcomb said to make sure you know what you can bring to the festival.

Also, he said to make a plan. Holcomb said to map out where you are going and your transportation plans.