VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Virginia Beach City Council will meet Tuesday to discuss their plans to partner with Virginia Beach Public Schools for festival transportation.

City Council is expected to propose school board allow Something in the Water to use Virginia Beach school buses to transport guests to the festival, as long as they reimburse the city the estimated $350,000 it would cost to use them.

This proposal comes as Virginia Beach works to transport people safely to the festival and to have less cars on the road.

The Virginia Beach school board and the city partnered for the 2019 SITW festival and the city says it was a success and they are prepared to do it again.

In 2019, the festival wanted around 70 buses to transport guests and a city ordinance allowed city drivers to volunteer to work.

The school buses had signs to inform riders that there were security cameras recording during their ride. Once transportation was done for the weekend, bus drivers then cleaned the vehicles to prepare them for school use the next week.

Right now, Something in the Water is offering three-day shuttle passes for guest to purchase. The shuttle service goes from the Virginia Beach Amphitheater to the festival entrance.

Shuttle passes are $50 and can be purchased online.

City Council is set to meet at 12 p.m. The school board then has a meeting at 4 p.m., where the school board attorney will finalize the agreement.

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