VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer talked with 10 On Your Side about the work that was put into Something in the Water and if we can expect the festival to return in the future.

Mayor Dyer says he is very excited to have the festival back at the Oceanfront and says that this event will help define Virginia Beach

“I’m jazzed. This is fantastic. Pharrell Williams is a favorite son of Virginia Beach, he is part of the DNA here,” Mayor Dyer said. “And this is going to be legacy event from now on. This is going to help define who we are as Virginia Beach.”

When asked if the the city has a long-term deal to keep SITW at the Oceanfront, Mayor Dyer said they have not, but having it in Virginia Beach makes the most sense.

“If you take a look at it, Virginia Beach is poised to handle the big crowds like that. We’ve proved that,” Mayor Dyer explained. “We can accommodate the big crowds. And if you take a look at the infrastructure that was able to be put in place in a very very short time, with two major stages and all the infrastructure that goes around it, we can do it.”

Mayor Dyer also praises the city workers who have been working alongside SITW to help get Virginia Beach prepared for this event.

“Our city workers are working in conjunction, in harmony, with the Something in the Water folks, and they are producing a miracle,” Mayor Dyer explains.

The mayor also told 10 On Your Side that he is confident that after this weekend, the Oceanfront will be back to normal soon.