VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — TEAMLAMB is a Virginia Beach-based organization that’s bringing one of the free community stages to life for Something In The Water music festival.

“It’s definitely a full circle moment for us,” said Ed Walls, of TEAMLAMB.

The stage the group is putting on is called Love at First Site and will be located on 24th Street. It’s also a collaboration with Where The Heart Is. Only Virginia-based emerging artists will hit the stage. Thousands of people are expected to show up to the oceanfront, the festival weekend.

“That’s the heart and soul for our community and our creative culture is having the locals in our community be able to be on the big stage that is a way we’re giving them a platform and a creative, release, an outlet,” said David Leader, TEAMLAMB Co-Founder.

More than 80 local artists will perform on the community stage from Friday to Sunday, 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

TEAMLAMB also created the official community playlist for the festival that featured 75 emerging artists. The organization said it received more than a thousand submissions for the playlist.

“We’re beach boys, we’re from Virginia Beach. So we take pride in that and we want everyone to feel welcome to come down to the oceanfront,” said Micah Walls.

“We’ve been doing events for the past 10-plus years, and each time we elevate and climb up the ladder,” Ed Walls said.

TEAMLAMB was founded in 2011, after the organizers’ friend, professional boxer Cordaro Simpkins, was shot and killed at the oceanfront.

Left to Right: Micah Walls, David Leader. Bottom: Edward Walls

The group used his tragedy to stimulate change within the community and to be an advocate against gun violence.

TEAMLAMB is an acronym that stands for, “Tell Everyone Around Me Love All My Brothers.”

Beyond the festival, TEAMLAMB has five future events planned for TEAMLAMB’S Summer Campaign. The events will help raise money for high school students who have been impacted by gun violence.

“This is a bigger play at hand than actually planning events. We want to actually have an impact and create resources for the next generations,” said Leader.