NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Norfolk has been named the 7th most pet-friendly city in the U.S.

According to PetLab Co., cities were analyzed on 19 factor that could contribute to the pet friendliness of a U.S. city including: number of dog parks per 100k, the cost of a vet visit and average pet insurance. The factors were ranked out of ten to create and overall score out of 100. Norfolk scored 60.51 out of 100, tying with Boise, Idaho for 7th place. Colorado Springs ranked No. 1 with a score of 63.85 out of 100.

“A pet’s well-being is a huge priority to their owners, and there are many factors that contribute to their quality of life including: green space, veterinary check-ups, and insurance for the pet owners’ piece of mind,” said Christopher Masanto, co-founder & CEO of PetLab Co, on their website.

Other factors included in the study are below:

  • Average vet assistant & technician annual income 
  • Vet assistant & technician jobs per 1,000 jobs 
  • Average veterinarian annual income 
  • Veterinarians per 1,000 jobs 
  • Average pet caretaker’s annual income 
  • Pet caretakers per 1,000 jobs 
  • Average dog insurance 
  • Average cat insurance 
  • % of hotels allowing pets  
  • Number of pet-friendly restaurants per 100k 
  • Pet-friendly restaurant average rating 
  • Cost of vet office visit  
  • Full vaccine cost (dog) 
  • Full vaccine cost (cat) 
  • Parks as a % of city area 
  • Number of dog parks per 100k  
  • Air quality index 
  • Annual precipitation 
  • Average daily temperature difference from 72F 

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