NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Nauticus, the maritime science museum in downtown Norfolk, is opening a new exhibit this weekend.

“Norfolk In Time” will feature 7,500-square feet of interactive exhibits focused on how the city has changed and adapted over the decades, particularly in the face of rising tides. The exhibit overlooks the city’s skyline and floodwall, showing firsthand the steps the city’s taken to protect itself and what’s at stake if leaders don’t take the challenges of the future seriously.

“Visitors will ascend high overtop Norfolk in a hot air balloon simulation, design a more resilient city with innovative architecture, and crash waves into various types of city protection systems,” the museums website reads.

City leaders and community members held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the $2 million exhibit on Thursday. They also celebrated the opening of the newly renamed Brock Theater.

“Norfolk In Time” will open to the general public at noon on Saturday, May 6. Tickets can be purchased on Nauticus’ website.

This gallery is part of Nauticus’ $21.5 million comprehensive redesign.