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NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Norfolk has so much to offer in the world of Instagram! From urban and edgy, to cobblestones and railroad tracks, there’s so much to explore and add to your feed.

Here are some of the most Instaworthy spots in Norfolk:

Railroad District

Pictured: @symoneadavis

What to put in your GPS: W 24th Street and Omohundro Avenue, Norfolk, 23517
Best time to take photos: All day
Family-photo friendly: Not really. Given the amount of construction in the area, it’s probably not an ideal location for group photos.
Parking: Street parking throughout
The “Railroad District” of the Park Place neighborhood is quickly becoming one of the newly revamped, hipster-y areas of the city. There are lots of beautiful, old industrial warehouses along the railroad tracks that make for a great place to take urban-inspired photos.

Feather-n-Fin Chicken and Seafood

Pictured: @symoneadavis

What to put in your GPS: 3601 Tidewater Drive, Norfolk, 23509
Best time to take photos: Morning to early evening
Family-photo friendly: Depends. There’s isn’t a lot of space between the parking spots and the road, so having a group might be a little risky.
Parking: The business has its own parking
You might be thinking, of all the places in Norfolk, why would this random restaurant be instaworthy? But this isn’t just any restaurant. This happens to be a favorite local spot for Pusha T and Pharrell to hit up when they’re in town — or so the owner says. Before Pusha T’s star-studded wedding at the Oceanfront in 2018, he posted a photo he took here to his Instagram. So this spot is great (not just for the food), but also to recreate the iconic photo — minus the Ferarris.

Slover Library

What to put in your GPS: 235 E Plume Street, Norfolk, 23510
Best time to take photos: During their open hours
Family-photo friendly: Maybe not on the stairs, but there is a production studio you can rent on the fourth floor for photos and more.
Parking: There is some street parking, but you’ll have more luck in a nearby parking garage
The Slover Library is one of the most beautiful buildings in Downtown Norfolk. There’s a blend of modern and ancient architecture on the outside that provide a pretty backdrop, and plenty of spots on the inside. Posing between tall book shelves is always an Instagram go-to — but go ahead and read a book while you’re there too.

Pagoda and Oriental Garden

Pictured: @symoneadavis

What to put in your GPS: 215 Brooke Avenue, Norfolk, 23510
Best time to take photos: Sunrise to sunset
Family-photo friendly: Yes!
Parking: There is some street parking
There isn’t much that needs to be explained in regards to why the Pagoda and Oriental Garden are a great places for a photo. The bright colors and serene oasis are hidden in the bustle of Downtown Norfolk, making for a peaceful contrast.

West Freemason

What to put in your GPS: W Freemason Street and Botetourt Street, Norfolk, 23510
Best time to take photos: The middle of the day when there’s less traffic or sunset the capture the sun right behind the trees
Family-photo friendly: Yes
Parking: Limited street parking
One word: cobblestones. The cobblestone streets combined with all the red brick homes takes you back in time. The best time to pictures in this area is when the tree-lined streets are bursting with the peak colors of fall.

Fergus Reid Park

What to put in your GPS: 911 Orapax Street, Norfolk, 23507
Best time to take photos: During the day
Family-photo friendly: Yes!
Parking: There is street parking and parking right in front of the tennis courts
There’s just something about the clean lines of a tennis court that makes for a great Instagram photo. If you can actually play tennis, that will be a bonus. Right around the corner from this tennis park is the Chelsea Business District that has a ton of instagrammable spots and tree-lined neighborhoods that’ll be stunning in the fall.

NEON District

What to put in your GPS: W Onley Road and Granby Street, Norfolk, 23510
Best time to take photos: Evening
Family-photo friendly: Yes!
Parking: There is street parking and several lots around the district
This couldn’t be a list of instaworthy spots without mentioning a mural, right? The NEON District is the heart of Norfolk’s art culture. There’s a variety of murals in the district and captivating neon lights. Arguably one of the coolest and unique murals in the region is “Transparent Seas,” which, if photographed right, makes for a really cool pic to add to your timeline.

Other notable, instaworthy locations in Norfolk: East Beach on Pleasant Avenue, Ocean View Fishing Pier, Plum Point Park, Hague pedestrian bridge, Lafayette Park, Town Point Park, Battleship Wisconsin at Nauticus

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