PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Images from the past week show we are one nation of made up of individuals.

We look out for each other but respect the liberty that belongs to someone else. And to ensure the rights of all, it comes down to each one of us.

This week, we learned lessons about our divided world, and that walls don’t always separate.

Two neighbors in Norfolk who were at odds over an animal and a flimsy fence needed to talk and listen.

Just as the wisdom of our years can help the young nourish their hunger for knowledge.

A broken heart is stitched together again by human hands doing the work of angels.

Meanwhile, the memory of those who serve us will never leave.

We heal relationships when we listen, and there are times we need space.

In the words of American Poet Carl Sandburg: “Love your neighbor as yourself, but don’t take down that fence.”

Listen to the latest Light the Way podcast below: “Episode 6: Don’t Take Down That Fence.”

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