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What's Good: Jim's Angels

GLOUCESTER, Va. (WAVY) -- A group of Good Samaritan's on the Peninsula chose to give when most wouldn't.

It all started with Nichole Gowen of Poquoson. She has horses, which makes her a regular at the Tractor Supply in Gloucester.

Gowen was walking to her car in the Tractor Supply parking one day when she spotted a man, who appeared to be homeless, sleeping in a van. His name was Jim. He was gruff, unfriendly and needed a place to stay.

Gowen grabbed him something to eat and drink, then took a second to post Jim's needs on the York County 411 Facebook page.

Jennifer Chesser was the first to respond. She brought the necessities to Jim, met up with Gowen and then Jim's Angels was formed.

The group got him places to stay, toiletries, basic supplies and food. A few months went by and Jim wound up back in his van. A wellness check led to hospitalization where Jim learned he had Stage 4 cancer.

Jim's health rapidly declined and he passed away less than two weeks later. However, he didn't die alone. Jim had his angels, who held a candlelight memorial in his honor at Gloucester Beach.

Jim's Angels stay in touch and encourage us to be thoughtful, pay it forward and help others whenever possible. 

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