HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) – What started as a story on paper is now a feature length film. “The Mardi Gras Man,” made its premiere Friday night before a packed house at The American Theater in Phoebus.

Local filmmakers James Sanzo and Robert Shepherd, along with the crew and actors, were on hand to enjoy the final product which was shot in the Phoebus section of Hampton.

Local actor Chris Korkalo plays lead character Janson Holloway, a man dealing with divorce and desperate to save his marriage. Holloway falls in love with a rookie police officer played by Arkeisha Roberts. Actors portraying local media in the film start calling Holloway, ‘The Mardi Gras Man’ after a string of late night encounters.

A streaming deal is currently in the works.

The Hampton Roads Show’s Chris Reckling, who has a role in the film, takes us to the premiere, in this week’s Reck on the Road.