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We are a group of over 100 dentists with a shared vision of delivering quality dental care throughout the Hampton Roads communities we serve through the locally owned dental offices. We are devoted to maintaining, restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile using state-of-the-art procedures and services. Find your new dentist at

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Our dental experts are dedicated to providing you with experienced, compassionate care. Find your new provider today.

Alperin, Lori M. DDS | Drs. Carroll, Alperin & Casteen Family Dentistry
Althouse, Elliott M. DDS | Althouse Family Dentistry
Arnaudin, Richard A. DDS | Beach Dental Center
Asam, Stephen A. DDS | Stephen A. Asam, DDS
Baker, J. Patrick DDS | Larchmont Dental
Barton, Daniel M. DDS | Beach Dental Center
Bek, Jeffrey R. DDS | Pungo Dentistry
Bhatt, Rashmi DDS | Rashmi Bhatt, DDS
Blanchard, Deborah R. DDS | Bay Colony Dentistry
Bonnie, Marshall DDS | Drs. Bonnie & Horowitz
Buck, Richard DDS | Hampton Family Dentistry
Bradshaw, J. Dwight DDS | Bradshaw Dentistry
Briesemeister Jr., Brian G. DDS | Bradshaw Dentistry
Carroll, Steven A. DDS | Drs. Carroll, Alperin & Casteen Family Dentistry
Cash III, Allan Heath DDS | Peninsula Family Dentistry
Cash, Elizabeth, DDS | Oyster Point Dentistry
Casingal, Jr., Pedro L. DDS | Great Bridge Dentistry
Casteen, Brittany B. DDS | Drs. Carroll, Alperin & Casteen Family Dentistry
Cherry, Donald W. DDS, F.A.G.D. | Donald W. Cherry, DDS F.A.G.D.
Clark, Jessica M. DDS | Beach Kids Dentistry – Pediatric Dentist
Clarkson, Carrie N. DDS | Gary Newell, DDS and Carrie Clarkson, DDS
Coalter, Earnest D. DDS | Earnest D. Coalter, Jr., DDS
Cooke, Donald D. DDS | Peninsula Family Dentistry
Cornette, William R. DDS | Hampton Family Dentistry
Cominsky, James C. DDS | Schrumpf & Herman Family Dentistry
Cote, Carmen A. DDS | Azalea Family Dentistry
Cruser, Melvin E. DDS | Lakeshore Dental
Denbar, Michael S. DDS | Michael S. Denbar DDS
Denison, John DDS | John J. Denison, DDS
Dodge, Ryan C. DDS | RL Howell, DDS & Associates
Downs, Rebecca Paige DMD | Downs Dental Care 
Duman, Zachary DDS | Yorktown Dental 
Dunham, Thomas P. DDS | Centre for Dental Excellence
Dunnill, Brett C. DDS | Williamsburg Family Dentistry
Epstein, Ross DDS | The Caring Dentist PC
Feild, Robert J. DDS | Feild Dentistry
Feild, Thomas W. DDS | Feild Dentistry
Fernandez, Michael E. DDS | Michael Fernandez Family Dentistry
Field, Sheila R. DDS | Green Meadows Dental Care
Folck, Vinita John DDS | Smile by Design
Foretich, Jr., Jerome F. DDS | Jerome F. Foretich, Jr., DDS
Francis, Hunter C. DDS | Francis Dentistry
Francis, Scott H. DDS | Francis Dentistry
Freeman Jr., Gerald Q. DDS | Gerald Q. Freeman Jr., DDS
Fuhrmann, Ronald C. DDS | Ronald C. Fuhrmann, DDS
Garcia, Emmy DMD | Morgan & Haupt Dentistry
Geary, Bryan T. DDS | Geary Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
Gigliotti, Michael DDS | Beach Dental Center
Gioffre, Mollie H. DDS | Strawbridge Dental
Golrich, Scott J. DMD | Grafton Smile Care
Goodwin, Clifford T. DDS | Clifford T. Goodwin, DDS
Graham, David B. DDS | Graham Dental
Graham, Michele L. DDS | Graham Dental
Gwaltney, J. Ryland DDS | Gwaltney Dental
Gwaltney, Steve A. DDS | Gwaltney Dental
Gwaltney, Whitney Bailey DDS | Gwaltney Dental
Hasham, Omar DDS | Williamsburg Family Dentistry
Haupt, Stephen P. DDS | Morgan & Haupt Dentistry
Hendricks, A. Clayborn DDS | Hendricks Family Dentistry
Hendricks, Harlan K. DDS | Hendricks Family Dentistry
Herman, Barry L. DMD | Schrumpf & Herman Family Dentistry
Hoek, Meredith DDS | Hoek Esthetic Family Dentistry
Holmes, Ashley D. DDS | Hendricks Family Dentistry
Horowitz, Andrew I. DDS | Drs. Bonnie & Horowitz
Hosek, Eric A. DDS | Hosek Family, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, PC
Hosek, Lindsey E. DDS | Hosek Family, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, PC
Howell, C. Danielle DDS | RL Howell, DDS & Associates
Howell, R. Leroy DDS | RL Howell, DDS & Associates
Howell, Ralph L. DDS | RL Howell, DDS & Associates
Hunt, Dawn T. DMD | Hunt Smile Design
Hunt, William Stuart DMD | Hunt Smile Design
Hutchings, Michael L. DDS | Hampton Family Dentistry
Jacobs, George A. DDS | Link Jacobs & Link, DDS
Jones, David L. DDS | David L. Jones, DDS & Associates
Kahan, Michael L. DDS | Gary Newell, DDS and Carrie Clarkson, DDS
Kessler, Alan R. DDS | London Bridge Smiles
Kessler, Tiffany F. DDS | London Bridge Smiles
Laxa, Adrian M. DDS | Laxa Dentistry
Leigh, Timothy A. DDS | Timothy A. Leigh, DDS
Link, Michael DDS | Link Jacobs & Link, DDS
Llewellyn, Charles S. DDS | Charles S. Llewellyn III, DDS
Luma, Evelyn E. DDS | Evelyn E. Luma, DDS
Maddux, Kristen E. DDS | Hoek Esthetic Family Dentistry
Marshall, David T. DDS | David T. Marshall, DDS
Marshall, Robyn K. DDS | Vernon E. O’Berry Jr., DDS & Associates
Mavromatis, Jack DDS | Jack Mavromatis, DDS
McCarty, Benjamin S. DMD | Larchmont Dental
McGill, Allen R. DDS | Allen McGill, DDS
McKee, Thomas A. DDS | Thomas A. McKee, DDS
Meader, Lon B. DMD | Meader Family Dentistry
Morgan, Michael S. DDS | Morgan & Haupt Dentistry
Morgan, Pamela A. DDS | Eastern Virginia Pediatric Dentistry – Pediatric Dentist
Moses, Stephen B. DDS | Beach Dentel Center 
Newell, Gary L. DDS | Gary Newell, DDS and Carrie Clarkson, DDS
O’Berry Jr., Vernon E. DDS | Vernon E. O’Berry Jr., DDS & Associates
Oliver, Tracy S. DDS | Princess Anne Center for Dental Arts
Owen, John Randall DDS | Tidewater Family Dentistry
Quiros, L. Fernando DDS | Smithfield Dental
Patel, Amrish DMD | Lakeshore Dental
Rose, Jillian J. DMD | London Bridge Smiles
Rubin, Ricky J. D.M.D., FAGD | Williamsburg Family Dentistry
Sagun, Marvin DDS | RL Howell, DDS & Associates
Santos, Stephanie L. DDS | Smile by Design
Schonbrun, David W. DDS | Schonbrun Dental Care
Schrumpf, Gregory A. DDS | Schrumpf & Herman Family Dentistry
Schwabe, Kelly A. DDS | Wernick Family Dentistry
Siragusa, Joseph DDS | Joseph Siragusa, DDS
Smith, Eric, DDS | Oyster Point Dentistry
Snyder, Casey DDS | Princess Anne Center for Dental Arts
Throckmorton, David R. DDS | Ocean Atlantic Dental
Vaughan, Keith E. DDS | Keith E. Vaughan, DDS
Waterman, Jennifer R. DDS | Waterman Family Dentistry
Watson, Benjamin T. DDS | Benjamin T. Watson III, DDS
Weisberg, A. Jeffrey DDS | Eastern Virginia Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
Weisberg, Barclay K. DDS | Eastern Virginia Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
Weisberg, Edward J. DDS | Edward J. Weisberg, DDS
Wernick, Robert D. DDS | Wernick Family Dentistry

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From first baby teeth through to senior dental needs; we’ve got your covered.

  •  Bonding
  •  Cleaning and Preventive Care
  •  Cosmetic Dentistry and Smile Enhancement
  •  Crowns and Bridges
  •  Dentures
  •  Implant Treatment
  •  Pediatric Dentistry
  •  Restorative Care
  •  Root Canal Treatment
  •  Sleep Apnea
  •  TMJ Disorders

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