YORK COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — Students say they always look forward to walking into Dana Napier’s class at York High School.

“All of my classes include portions of interviewing, portions of how to get a job; I teach them how to write resumes, I teach them how to interview. Things they’ll need in careers, whatever they choose to do,” said Napier.

Each student goes through a mock interview to build confidence for their future.

“I’ve even had students who have said ‘I went for an interview last week and thanks to you I got a job,'” stated Napier.

On top of teaching economics and personal finance, Napier also started a fashion marketing course.

“We learn about fashion through creation all the way through the sales of fashion,” said Napier.

Her fashion marketing course is a student favorite, because of the hands-on experience.

Napier, who’s always thinking outside the box, even bought hundreds of silkworms, hatched them in her house on her stove, then brought them into the class to show the students how silk is made.

“A few of them were even brave enough to pick them up and look at them,” smiled Napier.

If fashion wasn’t enough, she’s also teaching an entrepreneurship class. Students work in groups all year on a business idea they ultimately pitch to local business investors.

Napier says the goal is to make sure every student leaves her class with more confidence than they walked in with.

“I really wanted to make sure my life was contributing to something, so I looked at teaching as a way to give back,” said Napier.