EDENTON, N.C. (WAVY) — It doesn’t matter which angle you look at when talking about Heather Terrell, you come up with the same hypothesis.

“She’s a really great teacher.” said 4th grader Skylar Anderson.

Terrell teaches 4th grade at D.F. Walker Elementary in Edenton. She drives 45 minutes each way to school.

“This is actually my seventh year teaching,” Terrell said.

Lucky seven has been the most challenging.

“It has definitely been crazy and a journey and a ride,” Terrell said. “Last March when we just stopped teaching face-to-face it was definitely an adjustment and it was something that forced teachers to be forced out of their comfort zones.”

Terrell looked for a way to get kids involved virtually, making sure they went left behind.

“I spent tons of hours and many nights scrolling through Facebook groups and Instagram groups trying to figure out what I could do to spark the interest of my kids,” Terrell said. “We did a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt on Zoom and the kids would have to go through the house and find things. It was just something fun to do.”

She even showed up to kids’ houses just to say hi. Now, she can see them every day and they are trying to make up for lost time.

“We are counting down the days, but I’m always thinking about how little time I have with the students to make sure that I’m making a difference and they are reaching their full potential,” Terrell added.

“There is energy in her classroom, there is engagement in the classroom and the students look forward to being with her every day,” said Principal Dr. Linda White.

“She’s probably the best teacher I’ve had ever since I’ve been in school,” Anderson added. “She’s really nice and sweet and she cares about her students.”

“It definitely warms my heart, and it is a reminder to me that I’m doing something right,” Terrell said.

“When I’m tired from staying up so late, to hear that is just reassurance that I am making a difference in a child’s life and that is truly my goal.”