Excellent Educators is a WAVY-TV 10 initiative to celebrate local teachers who have gone above and beyond for their students and communities during the last academic year. These Excellent Educators were nominated by their school divisions. Congratulations to these educators for all of their hard work and accomplishments!

Name: Ashley Brock

Division: Isle of Wight County Schools

Position: Third grade teacher at Windsor Elementary School

What the school division said about this Excellent Educator: Ashley Brock is a dynamic third grade teacher who keeps her students at the center of everything she does. She plans engaging lessons that make her students want to learn.

Brock has done room transformations, where she transforms her room into a new place that relates to the content she is teaching. She recently promoted her students to construction workers and took them to a job site (the front hallway) to calculate the area and perimeter of various “building blueprints” (shapes taped out on the floor).

She works with students one-on-one when they are struggling to understand the content or if they are struggling with behavior. Brock goes out of her way to show her students that she cares. She attends the sporting events of her students and makes it a point to ask how their extracurricular activities are going. Brock cares for each of her students.