AHOSKIE, N.C. (WAVY) — Ahoskie Elementary School Principal Elenia Riddick says, “Students learn from the teachers they like.” That might explain why so many kids believe their grades went up in Ms. Bowser’s class.

“She has been amazing to all of us and I think she’s the best teacher,” Jake Bundy told WAVY.com.

Jake said Ms. Bowser magically makes math make sense, “I was a little bad before I met Ms. Bowser.”

Other students echoed Bundy’s comments and added that no matter what, Ms. Bowser is always smiling. “If you don’t understand, she won’t get frustrated,” said Tatianna Davis.

Ms. Bowser teaches 5th graders in the classroom by day, but at night she makes time for former students and even parents, including Shannon Harrell who said, “We have stayed on Zoom as late as almost 10 at night.”

That kind of sacrifice isn’t lost on anyone of them. “She has to go home and help out her children too and she still has to help out us. So I know it’s really hard for her,” said Davis.

Corese Bowser doesn’t bat an eye. “I want to make it easier on everyone in the community, so I just do whatever I have to do,” she said.

The thing is, she doesn’t have to do it. Principal Riddick said, “It’s not just about her children, it’s about all the children.”

Riddick sees Bowser’s spark lighting flames all around her. “Not only is her instruction reaching her children, but the teachers she works with as well. They can carry the instructional strategies that she’s given them back to their classroom.”

It all adds up to successful students and this pretty proud moment for Bowser getting this recognition, who giggled a bit when she said, “It feels good, it feels good .”