Meet Anna Lisa Seaborn. She teaches science and social studies to students at Gatesville Elementary in Gates County.  Her energetic, hands on approach to teaching is something she has used to connect with the students. 

When asked to define her teaching style, she defined it as “Outside the Box.” Energetic, yet structured to keep the students engaged. 

“I can be all over the place. I can be doing dances in the classroom, going up and down showing how a flower grows or we can take a dance break, and everyone just starts shaking. “

When we visited her classroom, the students were learning about weather – using marshmallows, cotton balls, construction paper and glue to make four different types of clouds. The students sure seemed to enjoy doing the hands on activity!

Ironically, when I asked if she was a good teacher – Seaborne said with a laugh, “In fact, no! I was that student in the back who was saying please don’t call on me. But now to be here at this point in my life, I love it to death”

Her colleague, 2nd grade English teacher Crystal Lee says that Seaborne “likes everyone to be family. When she first came, she was like we need to do cookouts, so we had a couple of different cookouts for a few different things so we’re not just here for work.” Seaborne is a part of the Gatesville Elementary Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) team who work to recognize students for good behavior. Instead of focusing on the students bad behavior, the PBIS team works to recognize their good behavior and award them with activities or awards- to encourage good behavior. 

Outside of class, you can find Seaborne assisting wherever the need is. She has been known to ride the bus when they need additional monitors, tutor after school, or just attend some of her student’s sports games and activities.