(NBC) — NBC’s premiere week continues Tuesday with the second night of Blind Auditions on “The Voice” and the season premiere of what will be the final season of “New Amsterdam.”

The medical drama ended last season with some twists and turns and the cast shared what is ahead for this season.

In the “New Amsterdam” finale last spring the wedding for Max and Helen did not happen and with star Freema Agyeman, who plays Dr. Helen Sharpe, leaving the series, that door seems closed.

“It’s a great love story that we’ve been able to tell over the past few years and I think everybody really wanted a happy ending for that,” said Ryan Eggold who stars as Dr. Max Goodman. “And, you know, maybe there will be I mean, it’s not written yet.”

The new season opens with Max trying to understand what went wrong and explaining Helen’s absence to his young daughter, Luna.

“He’s had Georgia, his wife and Luna’s mother, and she’s gone, and then, he had Helen come in, now she’s gone, and Max is this single dad with this little girl to raise,” said Eggold.

That is just one of the “New Amsterdam” storylines heading into the show’s final season.

“We’re attempting not to let our emotions show too much yet, but come around the last three episodes, it’s going to be hitting us pretty hard,” said Jocko Sims who plays Dr. Floyd Reynolds.

But for now, there are plenty of smiles on set.

“The vibe on set this year is just really great,” said Eggold.

That is even if goodbyes are looming.

“I cry over everything,” Tyler Labine who is Dr. Iggy Frome, head of psychiatry, on the show. “I might cry right now. But that’s what you want. I’m not going to give it to you.”

First, they’ve got a season to finish.

“New Amsterdam” returns Tuesday at 10 p.m., following a two-hour edition of “The Voice.”

The season premiere of “La Brea” is coming up next week at 9 p.m. on WAVY TV 10.