(NBC) — NBC launches a new Friday comedy block with George Lopez and his real-life daughter, Mayan, starring in the premiere of “Lopez vs. Lopez,” followed by the return of “Young Rock.”

Season 3 sees the continued evolution of the man who would become “The Rock.”

Fresh off his success in “Black Adam” Dwayne Johnson returns to “Young Rock” Friday, following a fictitious presidential campaign.

“I get a phone call,” said Johnson. “A very unexpected phone call that changes everything.”

But before that change can kick in for the future, the show continues looking back at Johnson’s childhood when wrestling exploded.

“Wrestling experienced and enjoyed its first big boom in the early ‘80s when rock music and wrestling converged in such a powerful way,” said Johnson.

Colorful characters were both in and out of the ring.

“I can’t wait for you guys to see who’s playing Cyndi Lauper,” said Johnson.

And even though Johnson joined the family business, his success was not easy.

“I was getting booed out of every arena across the country,” said Johnson.

This season continues his not-so-straight line to becoming The Rock.

“There’s a term I like to say,” said Johnson. “It was a shift-and-click moment. We all look for that in life, where we shift into something and it clicks. And it feels perfect and you feel powerful and grounded and anchored.”

A moment that “Young Rock” sets in motion.

“Young rock” airs tonight at 8:30 p.m., following the premiere of “Lopez vs. Lopez.”

One added note about “Young Rock,” at least in part because of the pandemic, much of the first two seasons of the show was shot in Australia. This season, it’s being shot stateside, including around Memphis.