(NBC) — Rapper Jack Harlow is the host and musical guest for this week’s “Saturday Night Live,” and with Halloween coming up Monday, there is a strong chance the holiday will be represented in some form or fashion on the show.

Cast member Mikey Day recently reflected on one of the show’s more memorable Halloween sketches — “David S. Pumpkins.” Day also chatted about what to expect from this week’s host and musical guest, Jack Harlow.

In case you needed more evidence of the pop culture impact of “SNL,” browsing for a certain Halloween costume can be a reminder.

“It’s still surreal to this day when I see pictures of people at Halloween parties dressed as David Pumpkins,” said Day.

It’s been six years since sidekick skeletons Mikey Day and Bobby Moynihan and “SNL” writer Streeter Seidel pitched the sketch to host Tom Hanks.

“On paper, it’s very weird and doesn’t seem like it should work,” said Day. “Tom’s very game and he was like, ‘OK!’”

“He truly brought it to life in a way that I couldn’t have even dreamed of,” said Day.

So much so, it even spawned a kid-friendly animated spinoff.

But Day’s 10-year-old son is going a different route for his Halloween costume.

“He likes David Pumpkins, don’t get me wrong,” said Day. “But I think he’s like, ‘I’ll do my thing,’ that he’s actually going as, which I’m very proud of, Marty McFly.”

Of course, “SNL” is about costumes every week.

Rapper Jack Harlow is this week’s host and musical guest.

“Jack will crush it,” said Day. “He’s 24, but already he’s a seasoned entertainer so, I think he’s going to be great.”

And maybe add to the Halloween legacy of “SNL.”

“Saturday Night Live” airs Saturday at 11:30 p.m., right after NBC4 at 11. Next week’s host will be Amy Schumer, with musical guest Steve Lacy.