NATIONAL (NBC) — It’s a simple way to prove you were vaccinated. World Health Access CEO Isaac Daniel says it’s like a passport, and the vaccine is a stamp.

“Once you get the vaccine, and you have it in this passbook.”

“When we want to go to a restaurant, to a mall, all we have to do is to be able to show the passbook and know that you’ve already vaccinated or that you’ve tested negative.”

Once you upload your test results or vaccine records, they’re stored in this logo, through recoding media technology.

Daniel calls it a more advanced, secure QR code.

“If you go to Walgreens, if you go to CVS, whereby you want to get your vaccination, you go with your passbook, so once that is finished, you give them your passbook and they can record it,” Daniel said.

But Daniel says not just anyone can pick up your passbook and scan it.

Healthcare and government agencies can scan it if you need proof of a negative test result or vaccine for work, school, or travel.

“People need to understand what we are doing is to help the government and help you.”

To keep your COVID-19 track record safe, organized and accessible.

“We have never gone through this before, in our life. Nobody should be pointing fingers. We need to join forces and say let’s help the state, let’s help the government, let’s help ourselves.”

Register your healthcare or government agency, or to buy your own vax passbook here.