(WFXR) — Law enforcement and health department agencies across Virginia are warning the public about a scam alert that is targeting the Virginia Department of Health (VDH).

According to Mount Rogers Health District, there is an email circulating about COVID vaccine status.

The email reads:

Virginia Department of Health requires immediate validation of your Covid-19 status. This is a Waiver Validation Update and a compulsory one-time validation for all Virginia residents.

Virginia hospitals are reporting hopitalizations to VHHA on a daily basis. Please visit the VHHA dashboard for more detailed information

Mount Rogers Health District Facebook page

The email also contains a Vaccinate Virginia logo and a link to validate your COVID-19 status.

Health officials and law enforcement say this is a scam and are advising people to not click on the link. Instead, if you receive this email you are asked to report it to your email provider as spam and delete it.

Health officials also noted the email address is fake and VDH doesn’t have anything called a Waiver Validation Update.