NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is coming to Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital in Norfolk.

“A lot of parts have to come together to have this happen for everyone,” said Tom Orsini, president and CEO of Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital. “We have the dates of Jan. 5 and 6 that CVS is coming to Lake Taylor to administer the vaccine to all of our patients and to all of our staff.” 

Orsini said he was surprised that only 80% of the staff there wants to take the vaccine.

“Our staff, 80% will take the vaccine, but we thought it would be 100% because these are health care workers and they have been living with this since March. We thought it would be 100%.” he said.

The fact is, some are hesitant, even health care workers. 

“Because they hear through social media or someone there may be side effects. Or they can even get the virus, which is not so. The vaccine is safe. It’s been trialed and we are looking forward to giving it to our folks,” Orsini said.

However, just in case, Orsini says they’re prepared if there is a bad reaction.

“They will bring EpiPens (epinephrine auto-injector) and things like that if there is an allergic reaction to it. So they will have drugs with them if someone has a severe reaction to it.” 

Lake Taylor patient Bob Welch said there is no doubt he is taking the vaccine on Jan. 5. 

“I don’t think it is going to be any problem at all. The only thing I have heard is some people get muscle soreness and to that, it is trivial. So, I have no problem taking the vaccine,” Welch said.

Orsini says vaccines are good, and it’s an educational process to tell people so.

“The challenge now is to have everyone get the vaccine, so they can start seeing the benefits after they get the second dose in 21 days after the first dose… And they should get it, to not just protect them but to protect their caregivers, and to protect the other patients they are with.” 

Welch puts it this way: “My advice is go ahead and get the vaccine and protect yourself. It is not going away by itself. We need to trust the scientists.”