RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — North Carolina’s Healthcare Association (NCHA) says hospitals have repeatedly “pivoted on short notice” to accommodate the state’s COVID-19 vaccination plan without prior consultation.

That concern, among others, is what the association is bringing to Gov. Roy Cooper’s attention in a letter as they seek better plans on distributing the vaccine to North Carolinians.

“These are crucial and defining times and we need coordinated, well-thought-out plans to win the day,” the letter reads.

The association acknowledges that adjusting on the fly is something that can be done and has been done, but says it is time for the state to now “take steps to coordinate a better plan and way forward on vaccine deployment.”

In their letter to the governor, the NCHA outlined ways they believe the vaccine can be efficiently and effectively administered.

Some of the ways include implementing an equitable vaccine plan based on per capita and regional differences as well as the provider’s community and assigning a vaccine logistics lead responsible for the equitable deployment of vaccine across the state.

“This process must also be transparent for both providers and the public,” the letter reads.

The association says the COVID Vaccine Management System (CVMS) used by healthcare providers is “burdensome and ineffective” which has led to a “bottleneck” in the delivery of vaccines.

North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services reports, as of Jan. 20, that more than 573,000 doses have been administered across the state.

Read the entire letter here.