HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) — Parts of Hampton Roads were in deep water Monday as tidal flooding impacted the area.

In Virginia Beach, city officials were paying close attention to areas along the Chesapeake Bay and Lynnhaven River. 10 On Your Side caught up with Virginia Beach Public Works Spokesman Drew Lankford at a restaurant along the water on Shore Drive. He said these areas were getting hit with the brunt of the storm.

“Anything affected by the Chesapeake Bay and the Lynnhaven River cause that’s where they’re catching the full force of the wind gusts coming in out of the north, northeast,” Lankford said.

He says even though the Oceanfront got hit with the remnants of Hurricane Ian last week, it won’t be impacted as bad.

“The Oceanfront, it’s going to come differently and likewise down in Sandbridge. Here, they’re taking the full brunt force. This is the area we’re really watching. Even if it stops raining, we’re going to have to kind of keep an eye on things because the wind is going to cause the damage more so than the rain,” he said.

Strong winds gusted all evening long while WAVY crews were out below the Lesner Bridge. The wind gusts kicked up strong surf that Lankford says presents the highest threat for damage.

“Might be a little late but if you got something that needs to be tied down, go ahead and tie it down now,” said Lankford. “Tonight, it’s going to be a lot of this wind. A lot of this rain. I mean, I think the worst is ahead of us between now and sunrise. Don’t go out if you don’t have to. They have no idea of what the wind can do if it gets up to this kind of force.”

People in Norfolk were bracing for the worst, based on the early forecast for major tidal flooding.

10 On Your Side checked out neighborhoods in Myrtle Park, Colonial Place, and the Hague. Along Mowbray Arch, the water covered some of the roadways, but not onto the sidewalks or front yards as it would in major flooding events.

On the Peninsula, some areas are already seeing the impact of tidal flooding. 

Hampton declared a state of emergency and was encouraging residents who live in low-lying areas to be prepared to evacuate if need be.

Grandview Shores is one of the areas that normally sees the impacts of tidal flooding, but some local surfers didn’t let the strong winds stop them.

Areas like Buckroe Beach also saw strong winds today, but some people still decided to get out and walk their dogs despite the rain. 

“She kind of made us come out,” said Terry & Nicole Padre while talking about their dog, Luna. “She loves this weather, and she needed the walk so we decided to take her on the boardwalk and get wet, brave the cold.”

They say they didn’t see any damage from Friday’s storms but their neighbors did. 

“Our neighbors’ house had the shingles on their roofs came off and there was some siding that came off so there was some damage, not a lot,” said Terry. “Hopefully it’s not as bad as Friday, but if it is, then I don’t think we are going to get that much damage. For these other folks that already have damage, it’s probably going to get worse.” 

Hampton also opened a shelter at Phenix Elementary School on Big Bethel Road. It’s for anyone who feels unsafe or has a medical need for electricity. 

The city will not pick up trash on Tuesday according to their website. They’ll pick up Tuesday’s trash on Wednesday morning. 

Some who pushed their luck on the road Monday afternoon – ended up pushing their car out of rainwater.

On Hampton Blvd. in Norfolk, 10 On Your Side saw multiple cars get stuck in the high water that accumulated on the road. 

“You see commuters, who, in my opinion, I don’t think they really know how to drive through deep water,” said Chris Melhuish, who lives nearby. 

He says during nearly every major weather event, he sees drivers risking it on Hampton Blvd. 

“I don’t commute anymore, but when I look at Hampton Blvd., it’s a major artery here that’s definitely affected by flooding,” said Melhuish. 

But the watery streets are part of living in a coastal city, he added. 

“That’s one of the things that goes with the joy of living in Norfolk, I think,” said Melhuish.

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