VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – A local organization is taking back the community one car at a time. Mad Mafia Car Club welcomes members from throughout Hampton Roads.

Angel Lang is the president of the club that started in January of 2022. The group feeds the homeless, conducts prom escorts, and holds multiple car shows.

“We’re doing four car shows this year. Last year we did two. One of our own and a breast cancer for Walmart last year. This year we did one April 15 called Victory Lap. We have July 23 for CHKD. October 21 is the breast cancer car show, and then I just started another one November 11 for Veterans Day for Walmart. So, Walmart is sponsoring all the car shows for breast cancer, for CHKD, and Veteran’s Day,” said Lang.

Lang’s goal is to create a family environment for all club members, as well as those who attend Mad Mafia Car Club events.

“I want everybody to have fun. So, when you come out, I want you to say this was a great environment. This was a safe haven. This is everything you want in one place, and I give it and people give me the same feedback, hey you did that! You really did that! So, it makes me feel good about that,” said Lang.

The next Mad Mafia Car Show was supposed to be held on July 9 but due to the weather, it’s been pushed back to its rain date of July 23. The time has also changed. The show is now being held from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the Walmart in Suffolk on North Main Street. Proceeds benefit CHKD. Lang says these events are a great time for the whole family.

“We have vendors, we have DJs, we have food trucks, we have all of the good stuff so people can have fun when they come to our car shows.”

As for the car club itself, Lang says it goes far beyond cars.

“Some people may not have a dad or a mother or just that family, and I try to give that to them. I don’t care about your car. Your car does not have to be top notch just to be with Mad Mafia. At least I give people the opportunity, ‘Hey you’ve got a different type of vehicle? Come on. Come with us.’ It’s more than that. Just come for the family. Come for the vibes. Just enjoy yourself. Just be you.”