PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — A Portsmouth 5-year-old caught the attention of more than 2 million TikTok users after posting a video of a song he put together.

5-year-old Kingsley Rosario shared his talents with the world in early February by posting a video of his mom reacting to a song he made. Before he and his parents knew it, celebrities like Diplo, TrapNation, the Detroit Lions, Billie Elish’s brother Finneas, Steve Aoki and several others were reaching out to him.

The video that went viral shows Kingsley’s mom, Brittany Rosario, listening to a song he’d made on their iPad.

“You make that Bubba?” asks an astonished Brittany.

“Yup,” replies Kingsley as he looks out the window, bobbing his head to his own music.

That interaction is now his producer tag to songs they’ve started sharing on Soundcloud for his fans to hear. More than 200,000 people follow him on his various parent-run accounts. For them, he shares a message from the heart.

“You’re amazing. You are great. Thank you for following my TikTok and Instagram!”

It’s not just the iPad he uses to make music, but his drumset as well. His parents, Brittany and Robert, say he’s had no formal training.

Kingsley says he looks to other musicians for inspiration in making music. Artists like Bruno Mars and none other than Virginia Beach’s own Pharrell Williams make his top list. The 5-year-old phenomenon even did a project for school recently that required him to dress up as the celebrity.

Courtesy of Brittany Rosario

Although he hasn’t heard from the artist, he hopes that’ll change.

For now, he’s focused on school and making beats.

If you’d like to connect with Kingsley, click here.

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