NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – A local Greek dancing group is bringing some hardware to Hampton Roads after winning in multiple categories in a nationwide Greek dancing competition.

The Hellenic Youth Dancers of Hampton Roads are based out of Saint Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Newport News, but dancers come from all across the region.

Back in February, 50 teams made up of 3,000 dancers competed at the 22nd annual “Hellenic Dance Festival” in Atlanta.

The Hellenic Youth Dancers of Hampton Roads sent three teams to compete and they won in all categories – and it’s the second year in a row they’ve done it.

“Elliniki Psihi” won platinum in the advanced primary category. “Ellinopoula” won platinum in the intermediate category. “Enosis” won platinum in the advanced senior category.

One of local the coordinators said this group keeps people connected to their heritage.

“It creates this bond with the motherland and the traditions through Greek dancing and in an area where I didn’t expect it, being from Greece,” said Chrysa Malogianni, one of the coordinators of the Hellenic Youth Dancers of Hampton Roads. “Greek dancing is showing a little bit of all of our history. It’s been part of our history. In every region, in every dance, there is a meaning.”

It also gives kids and teens a way to connect offline.

“It helps ground them, especially this younger generation that’s so social media-ized, and Tik-Tok and God knows what else is out there,” said Bobby Garofalis, head director and coordinator of the Hellenic Youth Dancers of Hampton Roads. “For a moment, you see them putting down their phones, they’re getting in line, they’re engaging with each other because to Greek dance, there are some solo dances, but for the majority that’s chain dancing, you’re dancing connected to other people. You’re connected not virtually, but you’re connected in a real way and its the power of Greek dance that’s making that happen.”

If you want to see these groups in action, the next opportunity is the Newport News Greek Food Festival, June 1 through June 4.