VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Fall weather has returned and Hunt Club Farm is busy with people heading to the popular spot for fun.

Hunt Club Farm Marketing Director Conrad Brinkman says the large turnout this weekend was not just for fall festivities, but to support a good cause.

Hunt Club Farm says that a portion of ticket sales are going to the United Way Virginia Beach Tragedy Fund.

The United Way uses the money raised to support those affected by the mass shooting on May 31 earlier this year.

The groups fundraising goal? $10,000.

A line of cars wrapped around London Bridge Road Saturday evening with people eager to get in.

According to Brinkman, some cars had to be turned away at the end of the night.

Visitors could donate not just money, but blood donations were also accepted.

The Red Cross was there to host an on-site blood drive for several hours.

Brinkman wants families affected to know that while life may go on, they are not forgotten.