NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The Clear the Shelters campaign is happening throughout August. GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center is one of the participating shelters.

Today, the owner Georgia Obenaus joined Digital Host Sarah Goode to speak about the non-profit rescue.

The center takes in dogs of all kinds. They vary in age, breed and health. Some dogs have lived their entire lives there.

Obenaus said GO Rescue is completely donation-based, and does not take a salary. They do not receive government funding for their work.

She has noticed since the COVID-19 pandemic, that donations have stayed low. Donations are needed for everything from cleaning supplies to food to veterinary bills.

They appreciate each and every donation. For people looking to help shelters this month, Obenaus offers some tips. She said if someone is unsure what will be the most helpful for shelters and animal shelters, they can reach out and ask what they might need. Some might need specific animal food, others might need cleaning sprays and paper towels.

Obenaus said they are at capacity. Still, they constantly receive calls and messages, even via social media, from people hoping to give them their animals.

While she wants pets to find their forever home, she emphasized that it has to be the best match with an owner. People must be honest with what they are looking for in animal, from social behaviors to size. The animal’s personality has to fit with that home.

“Look at their lifestyle,” said Obenaus. “Do you have children? Do you have other pets? What are your other pets? Are you home? Are you not home enough? Are you able to bring your dog with you places or not? And then, you need to trust the word of people at the shelter or rescue.”

Let the animal shelter or rescue who knows the animals help guide make the right choice. Even though the animal might be the breed someone wants, Obenaus said it does not mean the temperament or personalities are the same. They do not want animals ending up back in shelters, or on the street.

If you are interested in adopting or donating supplies, Obenaus said the best way to find out more is to call 757-432-9222. Click here to donate funds.

To learn more about GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center, watch the full conversation in the video player.