VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — At the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center, you’ll find plenty of wagging tails, purring cats and barking dogs. Of recent, the shelter is at over-capacity, as the adoption rate cannot keep up with the daily amount of animals the center takes in.

The Clear The Shelter initiative couldn’t have come at a better time.

“We’re a city shelter so we can’t turn anything away,” said Lauren Silliphant. “On any given day, we can have five to 12 animals surrendered to us, so right now we are at over-capacity unfortunately.”

Currently, the shelter is housing over 90 dogs, over 50 cats, plus guinea pigs and rabbits. Amongst most of the animals are senior dogs, some of which have been with the shelter for months, up to a year even.

“There are plenty of benefits to adopting an older dog,” added Silliphant. “Most already know their basic commands, most are already house trained, and typically they’re not high energy. So if you’re a couch potato who likes to watch TV for a few hours each night, they’re the perfect companion.”

Silliphant also stresses how simple the adoption process is at the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center. Staff only asks for a few requirements, proof of ownership of your home or proof of lease, and if you own other animals to just provide proof of rabies vaccinations.

The center is also short-staffed on volunteers. Silliphant encourages any animal lover to help out in cleaning and caring for these animals. The center is also accepting fosters to help with the adoption process. Silliphant is hopeful the community can help them give these animals their forever homes.

The adoption fee is on $10, with all animals fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered and microchipped.