WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WAVY) — This summer, 10 On Your Side is proud to partner with 20 local shelters to get as many pets adopted as possible.

It’s a nationwide initiative called “Clear the Shelters” — and last year, it helped more than 80,000 animals find forever homes.

It’s not often you meet a cat with three limbs, but little Charlie isn’t fazed.

“He just had his leg amputated.  You can see he’s got little scars there,” said Darci VanderSlik with the Heritage Humane Society.  “He’s getting along fantastic with just one arm.  He pretty much doesn’t notice that it’s gone anymore.

A good Samaritan brought Charlie into the Heritage Humane Society back in June, after finding him along Interstate 64.

VanderSlik said, “The injuries that he had are consistent with being either thrown from a moving vehicle or from falling from underneath a vehicle.  Like he had jumped up into an engine or something.”

Vets had to rewire his jaw, operate on his leg and then ultimately remove it. 

“We’re not a hundred percent sure what his whole story is, where he came from,” said VanderSlik.  “But we do know he has a very happy, healthy life ahead of him thanks to our community and our supporters.”

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Charlie has already found his forever home, unlike hundreds of other animals at the shelter. 

“Here at Heritage Humane Society, we spay/neuter every one of our pets here at the shelter,” VanderSlik said.  “We are able to give it de-worming, flea and tick medication, we vaccinate it.”

They have animals of all shapes and sizes and hope you’ll stop by because the cages keep filling up.   

 VanderSlik said, “We’ll see all these empty cages and then we’ll come back over the weekend and those cages will be full again.  It’s heartbreaking, but we know every time these cages are full, they’re going to be empty again once more and they’re going to find homes and we’re going to be able to save even more lives.”