NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Three people remain at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital following a mass shooting at a Walmart in Chesapeake.

Hospital leaders report two people are in critical condition. Kimberly Shupe is the mom of a man who is expected to recover. “He’s just glad to be alive. He really is.”

Jalon Jones is 24 years old and is an employee at Walmart in Chesapeake. Shupe says Jones has worked at the store for a year.

“He’s stable, he’s talking,” Shupe explained. “Last night when he came, he was on a ventilator he wasn’t able breath on his own from the gunshot wounds.”

According to Shupe, Jones said around 10 p.m. in the daily nightshift staff meeting, he noticed his manager acting strangely.

“He then noticed his manager was looking kind of different. He just didn’t understand what was going on. Everybody kind of thought maybe he was just in a mood or something. Suddenly it changed, it transitioned from the look to now to actually seeing a gun,” explained Shupe. “His ear was grazed. That’s when he realized that he was being shot at.”

The manager started shooting inside the break room near the back of the store.

“He knew he was being shot. He made it to the front of the store. Then when he made it to the front of the store. He was shot again by the same person,” explained Shupe. “At that moment he received help from another coworker that took him outside to her vehicle until the medic showed up.”

Jones was shot in the back and chest. He was then rushed to Sentara Norfolk General.”I’m grateful to hear him say that he was fighting and that he actually felt he was leaving but he just kept coming back.”

Dr. Michael Hooper is the Sentara Chief Medical Officer at the area’s only Level 1 trauma center and says he wants to find a way to prevent these events from happening.

“As a father as a family member of many people. My thought goes into ‘how do we as a community prevent this kind of thing from happening, so that we don’t have this occur in the first place,’” said Dr. Hooper.

“As a parent, spouse and just a member of this community. It’s heartbreaking. It was just two days ago that I was contacting one of my colleagues in Colorado Springs, wishing her well and checking into see how she was doing. After she was just taking care of shooting victims. It’s very disheartening that now I’m in the same position with my colleagues across the county checking in on me and our team.”

 Sentara trauma surgeon Dr. Burgess

“It’s a lot to process, these are people in our community whose lives were cut short a day before Thanksgiving,” said Sentara trauma surgeon Dr. Burgess.

Jones will spend thanksgiving in the hospital and his mom will be there with him.

“Just make sure you always let them know you love them because you just never know when they walk out the door if you’ll ever going to see then again,” Jones said.