CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY)– The job that 28-year-old Jessica (AKA Jessie) Wilczewski had held for only five days is now part of a massive crime scene.

On Tuesday night, employees had gathered for a routine meeting at the Walmart store on N. Battlefield Blvd. when an accused gunman, later identified as 31-year-old Andre Bing, opened fire.

“He shot [ a colleague] who was sitting at the table in front of me. He shot her in the head and then he shot the girls who were sitting in front of her,” said Wilczewski.

Wilczewski said the gunman briefly left the room and employees ran for their lives. However, Wilczewski, who was hiding under a table, and two others remained in the room.

And then he came back in the room and there was only me and two other girls, at that point in that room, and he shot the first one- was laughing– Then he came up to me and the other girl. I closed my eyes for a minute and he shot[opened fire] and then I opened my eyes and the gun was pointed at me and I’m crying and he looked at me and told me to get out from under the table. So I did and then he took the gun out of my face and was pointing it at the ceiling and he said Jessie go home.

Jessica Wilczewski

By this point, Wilczewski said the police were on the scene. Jessica tried to call a colleague but there was no answer. She then tried to call her mother but again there was no answer. Wilczewski then called 10 On Your Side late Tuesday night to speak on behalf of the victims.

“He[the suspect] was pointing people out…he went straight toward the other managers. I’ve only worked there five days tonight [Tuesday] was my fifth night,” explained Wilczewski.

“I will never go back in that store again,” said Wilczewski while fighting back tears.

According to Chesapeake police, Bing later took his own life and was found dead upon police arrival. Walmart officials say Bing was a “Team Lead” who had worked for the retail giant since 2010.