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Electropop musician releases EP "Aid and Abet"

Janosch Moldau

Electropop musician Janosch Moldau has released his artistically crafted EP "Aid and Abet."

BERLIN, GERMANY, May 26, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Electropop musician Janosch Moldau released his artfully staged EP "Aid and Abet" today. He has been active in the electro-pop scene for over 18 years and delights his fans with sounds reminiscent of Depeche Mode or The Cure. The artist is valued for its charismatic performances, emotional lyrics and melancholic music.

The entire production of the EP comes from Moldau's own forge. From the instrumentals to the lyrics to the vocal arrangements, he is an artist through and through. The typical Janosch-Moldau sound is characterized by emotional vocals, synth-pop elements and post-punk influences. The EP contains six new songs for fans to look forward to. Sven Plaggemeier from depechemode.de already described Moldau as the “grand seigneur of melancholic synth pop”.
In terms of content, the EP deals with personal issues such as sex and crime, death and divorce, with Janosch Moldau receiving musical advice from Kurt Uenala, who has worked with artists such as Dave Gahan and Depeche Mode.

The melancholic concept of the EP is not only reflected in the songs, but also runs through the audiovisual processing in the video. The depiction contrasts with pale junkyard backdrops and gray facades, while Janosch Moldau takes center stage as a dark figure. With such productions, Janosch Moldau has built up a loyal fan base throughout Europe. He has been successful in the electro pop scene for over 18 years.

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