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ROCKIN’ WELLNESS Vegan Nutrition Shake Enlists the ARTISTRY & VISION of Contemporary Photographer MICHAEL BENJAMIN BLANK

The gorgeous model Donna Feldman in a Miraclesuit Bathing suit holding Rockin Wellness Vegan Collagen

Supermodel Donna Feldman, for Rockin Wellness, believes in a plant-based lifestyle for great skin & hair.

Photo of Rockin Wellness Vegan Collagen by Michael Benjamin Blank Photography, Strawhat Productions

Photo of Rockin Wellness Vegan Collagen Revitalizer by Michael Benjamin Blank Photography, Strawhat Productions.

Michael Benjamin Blank Photographer of Strawhat Productions for Rockin Wellness

Michael Benjamin Blank Photographer of the Los Angeles based Strawhat Productions for Rockin Wellness.

Rockin Wellness Inc. is proud to announce Los Angeles, fashion photographer Michael Benjamin Blank has signed on to give a modern vibe to the product imagery

We are so pleased to have Michael Benjamin Blank take the product imagery to another level for a brand that has been in existence since 2011, without changing the original essence of Rockin Wellness”
— Allison Luker
DELRAY BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, May 26, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Rockin’ Wellness Inc., one of the original, leading, and top-performing vegan, nutritional companies in the United States, now has one of Los Angeles’ most upcoming and avant-garde photographers Michael Benjamin Blank, to revamp their product photos and images. The centerpiece is the Rockin Wellness Vegan Collagen Revitalizer campaign, featuring supermodel, Donna Feldman.

Over 15 years of professional experience in both in-studio and on-location photo shoots, gives Michael an incredible visual history of his growth as an artist and an incredible portfolio of his visions. He has done advertising photo shoots for hundreds of clients including Calvin Klein, Burberry, H&M, Sephora & Rimmel Cosmetics. Michael was hired by many magazines for fashion spreads and editorials such as Vogue, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Esquire, and Marie Claire. In his many years of being a photographer, he has had the honor of shooting many supermodels including Donna Feldman, Emily Ratajkowski, Natasha Henstridge and actors Lewis Tan, Dick Van Dyke, Bradley Cooper, David Guetta, and Chloe Moretz.

In 2016 Michael packed up his bags and camera and headed for Oahu, Hawaii. He wasn’t exactly sure what drew him to this small, lesser-known Hawaiian island at first… but after 24 hours he knew. Surrounded by the incredible beauty of nature and the local women, Michael made this his inspiration for a series of photos that became a personal pet project for himself. His real-life photos of the locals encapsulated classic imagery with the deep collective consciousness that makes up this tropical paradise in all aspects. Upon returning to LA, he mulled through the hundreds of photos he had taken, and created his published coffee table book, “Hawaii”.

Being an LA native, he grew up with the notion of eating healthy, drinking protein shakes, and exercising as a way of life. So when Rockin Wellness came into his sights - he immediately had a vision of how to revamp the product imagery; and how he envisioned the campaign to look for their Vegan Collagen Revitalizer. Together with his business partner and muse, Donna Feldman, they created a modern, yet soft and feminine approach to the photos to break away from the bold, rock-n-roll look that the brand was accustomed to for their products. Donna has been a loyal Rockin Wellness smoothie customer since 2015 and on occasion would have friendly conversations with Allison Luker, co-founder of Rockin Wellness. As it was after Allison’s husband, Seth Luker who created the company and recipe for Rockin Wellness to help combat the effects of intense chemotherapy for stage IV colon cancer passed away, that they bonded. Donna had reached out to express her condolences and they instantly formed a connection. She expressed to her that she has been taking Rockin Wellness for years, as suggested to her by her Hollywood nutritionist for optimal health and wellness along with energy and ultimately longevity. Donna said the delicious vegan, superfood, chocolate cacao was what she uses every morning to make her breakfast healthy, protein, nutritional smoothies to start her day. So it was truly kismet and meant to be that they eventually would work together… and The Vegan Collagen Revitalizer was the perfect avenue to mesh Strawhat Productions, her company with Michael Benjamin Blank and Rockin Wellness.

Strawhat Productions is a full-service production company combining Michael’s photography, digital media creation, art direction expertise, and video direction with Donna’s artistic eye for all things fashion, photo styling, first-hand experience, and professionalism in working with magazines, product clients, and models. Both had never had the opportunity to work with a brand such as Rockin Wellness before and were excited at the opportunity to do so. Donna Feldman’s extensive portfolio includes: the electric EV Cadillac Celestiqk, Miraclesuit Swimwear, Visa BlackCard, Revlon, Verizon Wireless, Diesel, Panasonic, Sean John, and Zanetti, and has been named one of the sexiest women in the world by FHM and Maxim magazines.

“Rockin Wellness is so pleased to have Michael & Donna take the product imagery to another level. Being talented enough able to have created a totally different feel and vibe for the Vegan Collagen Revitalizer for a brand that has been in existence since 2011, without changing the original essence of the company” said Allison Luker. “Michael’s visual storytelling, dreamy photography with Donna’s gorgeous face and warm smile, and both with a personal passion for health and wellness, it was truly a professional relationship that was meant to be!”

See more of their work at www.StrawhatProductions.com

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