Wonderful Problems


I waited as Adobe Premiere Pro imported my footage. Like a bull anxiously ready to charge out the gate, I sat with my fingers resting ever so slightly on the keyboard. The week prior, I shot my promotions project. Although I enjoy both writing and shooting, I love to edit but I soon realized posed significant learning curves this edit would pose.

Labeling footage, I perused through each clip on the hunt for the best take. This process, however, did not take long. For, although each take Symone flawlessly executed, I knew which clip provided the energy and emotion I sought to convey within the piece. Each take is unique, and a person must use discernment in choosing over another. For, selecting a wrong taking has the potential to topple a beautiful edit.

Despite the ease of labeling, I quickly discovered glaring issues with the audio. Typically, I leave fixing and enhancing the sound to the final stages of editing. However, this project presented itself differently. I noticed a considerable amount of self-noise from the system. Luckily, due to an audio class I took the following semester, I knew how to use Adobe Audition to remove the unwanted noise and to equalize and compress the audio to produce high-quality sound.

Another hurdle that presented itself throughout the editing process lay in the reconstructing opening logos. In one section of the commercial, a series of graphics would appear promoting hit shows. However, after scouring our database for graphics, I quickly realized that I would need to construct and animate two show openings. Although a daunting realization at first, I am using After Effects to both construct and animate, and, despite my limited knowledge, I have gained a plethora of experience and learning from such a fascinatingly powerful program.

After reading this technical post, a person might exhibit boredom or even lack enthusiasm for technical computer programs that help bring ideas to life. Although experience in the technical assets is highly necessary, it is not the only take away from this week’s work. Instead, while learning and shadowing industry professionals helps one gain a majority perspective, doing the actual task, getting one’s hand dirty with the nitty-gritty also supports a healthy learning experience. This week proved this truth.

Spending countless hours in the editing room, I encountered a myriad of problems, more than the scope of this article. While I reached out to Mike for assistance in securing graphics, when issues arose, I spent time trying to fix the problem by myself through research and employing my education, which, I have quickly learned, has added value to my workflow. Although I geek out over a variety of editing equipment and techniques and love discussing the intricacies of projects, which are hidden from the casual observer, I have learned the valuable lesson of problem-solving by oneself, whether through research and learning a new technique or employing the knowledge gained from my college education and experience. And, because of my love for all-things editing, I see such complications differently; I view them as wonderful problems, eager, ready, and waiting to be fixed.

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