Hampton Roads weather – it brings us a little of everything, sometimes, in just one week! During the month of February, we’ve seen our temperatures in one week range from the 70s to the 30s. We’ve seen spring like temps, and even chances of snow!

So why do we have such wild swings during the winter months? There’s a few reasons.

  • OUR LOCATION- being in the middle part of the United States allows us to sample both the warm, tropical air mass from the south and the colder air mass from the north. There are no major east to west running mountain chains across the US, so the air is able to flow freely from one part of the US to the other, with the aid of frontal systems.
  • THE JET STREAM- Jet stream winds are often stronger in the winter. This is a result of the stronger temperature differences that exist between the two regions. With strong jet streams, you’re able to bring in more dramatic temperature changes. The jet stream is more active in the winter months than the summer months.
  • AVAILABILTY OF THE COLD AIR – in the winter months, there is more arctic air in northern and central Canada than there is in the summer months. As this colder air moves south, it regulates some, warming as it moves, but we still feel more of an impact from it since it’s so cold.

With such wild temperatures and wild weather in the winter months – it’s a good idea to have a way to get the latest forecast. You can always check WAVY.com or download the WAVY Weather App for the latest forecast, anytime.