There’s a lot to see in our night sky in March and it’s so easy to spot all of this. All you need is your eyes. And early this month, the moon is shining brightly. The Full Moon in March happens on the 9th!

If you have a telescope the view gets even better! In the evening, look to the west to see Venus shining brightly. It sets just after 9pm. Then for the Early risers the parade of planets continues this month. Mars will rise first, just before 5 AM in the SE sky. Then Jupiter and Saturn will follow. If you want to look for this, look between 5:30am and Sunrise and look for the bright Jupiter in the middle. The two planets will surround it and make a line. The best mornings to look at when it’s cold and clear. The cold air is also dry air and that gives us a crisper view of the stars and in this case the planets.

Locally at Wallops Island, no International Space Station resupply missions are scheduled this month, but don’t worry, another rocket is on site, under construction and getting prepared for a mission later this year. 

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson