Daylight Saving Time seems to always bring good vibes and excitement for the approaching spring season (which is ironic because we lose an hour of sleep). The idea of thawing out from winter, the hope of warmer days and of course, longer days! Sunday’s sunset will come at 7:12 p.m.!

You know what else is a good sign the spring season is approaching us? Wacky weather. There really isn’t a certain type of weather to fit the mold of the season because spring is really just a transition period. It’s the few months between winter being cold and summer being hot, so as long as winter is cold and summer is hot, anything and everything in between is fair game.

Nearly two weeks of sunshine and no rain, going into a day with elevated fire danger tomorrow, then a roller coaster ride of temperatures all fit the mold of the spring season. Heck, there’s even a chance for some wintry precipitation Monday night into Tuesday! (Don’t get that excited, though.)

Anyway, while the sun will rise after 7 a.m. on Sunday, the day will feature plenty of sunshine. Considering how dry it is fire danger is elevated, just use some caution if you plan to fire up the grill. Enjoy the sunshine and warmth, too, because it’ll be nearly 20°+ cooler on Monday. Then the door is open for our rain chances on Tuesday, then again later in the week.

Stay stoked! – Meteorologist Steve Fundaro