UPDATE: NASA has postponed this sounding rocket launch after the vehicle came in contact with a launcher support during an inspection on Wednesday. The rocket will now launch no earlier than 8:04 p.m. on May 16.

If you have a clear view of the Northeastern Sky, you might be able to see the KiNET-X 4 stage-sounding rocket launch from NASA Wallops Flight Facility this weekend. Here are the launch details as of Friday at 5 pm.

Launch T-0: 8:03 PM Sunday May 9
Launch Window: 40 minutes
Backup Launches Windows: Through May 16
Vapors Released 9 min 30 seconds – 10 minutes after launch.

This rocket is going to release vapors in upper atmosphere to study Earth’s Magnetic field. For us, we might see green and possible purple clouds.

Spherical Clouds after launch in Eastern Sky

To the human eye, the violets are the hardest to see, the green colors will be more visible. If you have a camera get it set up on a tripod for a chance for a great picture.

I would recommend going to the North End of Virginia Beach, or another suitable area where you can see a clear view of the east and northeast sky. keep in mind some cities have closure rules for parks at sunset.

You can watch the launch here online:
Wallops Video Site
Launch Information

Enjoy the launch!
Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson