At sunrise Thursday if our skies are clear you should be able to see the partial annular solar eclipse. The peak of the eclipse will occur as the sun comes up, so have your eclipse glasses ready and look to the East.

Eclipse at Sunrise

The eclipse will only last for less than an hour, by 6:25 AM the eclipse will be over.

Eclipse Ends for us at 6:25 AM

If you are traveling north later this week, you will see more coverage of the moon blocking the sun.

Eclipse & Sky Conditions

Our sky conditions here in Hampton Roads may be a bit cloudy for eclipse viewing. Remember if you want to see it you need to look through approved Eclipse Glasses! I hope you didn’t through away the pair you used back in 2017.

Future Trak at 6 AM Thursday

I believe we will have high level clouds over us, but if our view of the Eastern horizon is clear, we’ll be able to see the show!

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson