A Total Lunar Eclipse will happen Sunday night! If you won’t to see it, you won’t need any special glasses, just look up at the sky.

Here’s a look at the times you will see different parts of the eclipse:

Notable Times: 10:27 PM it begins, totality arrives at 11:29pm

So what about the clouds and sky conditions? Well, this year we are going to be fighting the clouds a little bit. However, I believe we’ll have a view at times as the clouds look to remain to our west during the time of the Eclipse.

Viewing conditions

So how can you see it? All you need is an unaided eye, so no telescope is needed. However if you want to look through a telescope, the Back Bay Amateur Astronomy Club is having a watch party in Chesapeake.

Total Lunar Eclipse Watch Party

Hopefully we will have clear skies, enjoy the eclipse!

Chief Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson