A great weekend of weather is expected across Hampton Roads with highs in the 80s and low rain chances. In fact, we should stay dry until Monday when our next cold front approaches.

Check out this morning’s sunrise. Anytime we start off the weekend with a sunrise like this, you know it’s gonna be a good one. I know, red sky in the morning… but what about an orange sky? That has to be good -right?

With a wind out of the southeast to east today, some areas along the coast will be in the low 80s. I don’t think that will deter many people from enjoying the beach and other outdoor activities. Keep in mind the UV risk is very high. The rip current risk is low.

We will see an increase in our humidity this weekend ahead of Monday’s front. Most of the rain looks to arrive during the afternoon/evening on Monday and linger into the overnight. Shower chance will taper off into Tuesday as the front settles south. Right now, it looks like it’ll settle south of Hampton Roads but could linger over parts of the NC OBX for a day or two, leading to rain chances through Tuesday and into Wednesday.

Beyond Wednesday, rain chances remain low until we head into next weekend.

In the tropics, there are two areas to watch – one is off the coast of Africa tracking west along the “MDR” or “Main development region.” This is the area off the coast of Africa where we typically see the most tropical activity- although usually it’s later in the season when we see it here. However, warmer than average temperatures across the region coupled with weak wind shear has caused an uptick in activity and there is something to watch. The NHC says this could become a tropical depression next week as it tracks into the Caribbean.

Closer to the US, there is another area the NHC is watching – in the northern Gulf of Mexico. This system has a low chance of developing but it will bring heavy rain to parts of the Gulf Coast.

Hope you have a great weekend! 
Meteorologist Ricky Matthews

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